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Installation, Activation & Package Charges are to be paid in advance.
Installation & Activation Charges are non refundable.
Service Taxes will be charged extra GST @ 18%.
All Package are valid for 30 days.
Customers can renew the Packages any time within expiry date, in that case the remaining days will be added in the next renewal. But the Package will be valid for next 30 days from the Renewal Date.
Customers can avail up to mentioned bandwidth for respective packages.
The mentioned packages are valid for selected areas of Aizawl and Lunglei only.
Minimum duration for subscription is 30 days


Any offer that includes free installation are subject to additional terms and conditions as laid out during the commencement of the offer.

Any devices acquired by a customer/user through an offer is owned by the ISP or it's franchisee.

Disconnected customers/users are to return any devices owned by the ISP or it's franchisee.

Terms and Conditions: Text
Terms and Conditions: Text
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